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Yet another small release for OpenIV. As usual, we fixed some bugs; added new cool features like you can see in video above. Full change log available here.
I hope the next release will have some big features :)

March 9th, 2014OpenIV 1.6

We’re proud to announce that OpenIV 1.6 has been released. This is maintains release, so no new features, but some important issues was fixed. Full list of changes can be found here.
openFormats for GTA IV models were changed, so you need to update your 3DsMax scripts before you can use it with new OpenIV. The updates for scripts will be releases soon in few days.

We’re proud to announce that OpenIV 1.5.5 has been released. This release allows you to edit Max Payne 3 audio files (.awc) by using new openFormats. Also new Favorites feature makes using OpenIV even better. Improved vehicles viewer have new ability to hide separated car parts. Besides new features and visible improvements, we also made many changes inside OpenIV code, all this will help us to make new features and support new games in New Year.

October 24th, 2013Improved vehicles viewer


Here is a long awaited release of OpenIV. Today we bring texture modding to Max Payne 3. You can use the full power of our Texture Editor or take advantage of openFormats for textures. Also for Max Payne 3, you can use OPL text format for editing map WPL files. As for GTA IV, we have done big improvements in Animation Viewer and you finally can use it to view EfLC cut-scenes. Besides viewer, new version of openFormats for GTA IV Animations will bring more usability for animation editing. In addition, we have made many changes in many OpenIV parts, as always you can see more detailed list here on bug-tracker.

May 4th, 2013OpenIV 1.4

Today, five years after OpenIV starts, we have achieved such incredible results that in the beginning I did not even dream. OpenIV 1.4 – It is result of great work, we done all those years, and believe me we have something to surprise you.

OpenIV 1.4 gives you opportunity to create your own unique animations for peds and objects in GTA IV. Moreover, not just an animations, but custom cut-scenes are possible too. Btw, one of the first custom cut-scene, which was create not by Rockstar Games, you can see in the video above. Be sure to watch it to the end. Many of you have a question, why it is finale, so now I can answer this. OpenIV 1.4 – it is last big release for Grand Theft Auto IV, we have done almost all we wanted for this game, even more than it was possible to imagine at the beginning. Maybe we still will release some new tools or updates for GTA IV, but no more openFormats or global things.

So, what’s new we have in OpenIV 1.4. First, it is certainly openFormats for GTA IV animations; yes-yes, we did it that is what you have all wanted. Second, the unique animation player, which allows you to view peds and map object animations, and of course, it have ability to play game cut-scenes directly in OpenIV. Besides animations very important for us thing is first version of Package Installer, a tool created to make mod distribution and installation much easier than now. I hope it will become a popular tool for OpenIV users. At last the texture editor now have fully new user interface, hope you like it too. Btw, animations it is not the only files, which get openFormats, you will not believe but we finally made a text-based format for GXT files, this is mean now for text editing you need only notepad and OpenIV. Also, please do not forget the long-awaited feature to set file associations with OpenIV, yes now you can open models and textures directly from Windows File Explorer.

Like always, you can see more detailed list of changes here:

Download OpenIV 1.4

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