Released 2019-10-29
0000629: [Tools] Implement support for Tunables ymt files (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000430: [Package Installer] Add the ability to use XML Commands with PSO files (YMT/YMF/etc) [GTA V] (Team)
0000671: [openFormats] OpenIV crashes while importing models with empty high lod from openFormats (Team)
0000670: [Archive editing - RPF] Sometimes OpenIV might crash while adding new files into RPF archive (Team)
0000668: [Tools - Audio Player] Change text color of Audio track to red if OpenIV was not able to load it (Team)
0000667: [Tools] Add option to global search for audio tracks in GTA V and Max Payne 3 (Team)
0000666: [Tools] Global search for audio tracks does not work properly in GTA IV/EfLC (Team)
0000665: [Tools] Improve export speed from global search (Team)
0000664: [General] Independent "Sort By" and "Group By" in the main window (like Windows File Explorer) (Team)
0000661: [Tools - Script decompiler] GTA IV SCO decompiler does not work properly (Team)
0000562: [Package Installer] Extend commands for modifying XML files (Team)
0000654: [General] Improve method of reading unsigned integer values from XML/META files (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000655: [General] OpenIV removes Read Only attribute from the files when it's not needed (Team)
0000653: [Tools - Text Editor] It is not possible to use Undo in Text Editor after after failed save attempt (Team)
0000628: [Tools] Implement support for popgroups.ymt (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000627: [Tools] Implement support for mapdatacullboxes.ymt (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000626: [Tools] Implement support for playerspecialabilities.ymt (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000633: [Tools] Implement support for MovieSubs YMT files (GTAV/PSO/RBF0) (Team)
0000625: [Tools] Implement support for peds.ymt (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000622: [Tools] Implement support for gtxd.ymt (GTAV/PSO/RBF0) (Team)
0000624: [Tools] Implement support for carmodcols.ymt (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000623: [Tools] Implement support for credits.ymt (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000621: [Tools] Associate Text Editor with Max Payne 3 .cutsub (XML) files (Team)
0000620: [Tools] Implement support for Max Payne 3 cutscenes .CUT files (in XML form) (Team)
0000619: [General] Implement support for RBF0 format (Team)
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