Released 2018-12-27
0000558: [General] Add option to always open extended context menu for files and folders in archive list (Team)
0000561: [Tools] Implement support for pedpersonality.ymt (GTAV/PSO) (Team)
0000610: [Tools - Text Editor] Add ability to check XML syntax in Text Editor (Team)
0000554: [Tools - Texture editor] OpenIV does not shows any message when it's unable to load DDS file (Team)
0000609: [General] Show combined size of selected files in main window status bar (like Windows File Explorer) (Team)
0000608: [Tools] Use Text Editor for viewing .gtx2 files (Team)
0000607: [Package Installer] Content scroll is broken in Package Installer window (Team)
0000560: [Package Installer] Double click on .OIV package inside OpenIV should open Package Installer (Team)
0000606: [Archive editing] Provide more information about archive operations errors in main window messages (Team)
0000605: [Package Installer] Provide more information about archive operations errors in Package Installer log (Team)
0000603: [Tools] Improve speed of global search (Team)
0000602: [Tools] Global search does not work properly while game is running (Team)
0000601: [General] Use Text Editor for text .dat files in GTA V (Team)
0000600: [General] "Copy name" and "Copy path" should work for for multiple selected items (Team)
0000599: [Tools] Use Text Editor for viewing .nametable files (Team)
0000589: [Package Installer] Add optional "Confirm installation dialog" into package installer (Team)
0000588: [Tools - Audio Player] Add "Show track name hash" option into audio player (Team)
0000587: [General] Show "Title Update" notification while "mods\update.rpf" is outdated in read only mode (Team)
0000586: [openFormats] Some audio files is completely silent in the game after importing from openFormats (Team)
0000585: [openFormats] Memory leak while importing openFormats (Team)
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