Released 2018-04-30
0000551: [Tools - Fragment Models Viewer] Vehicles animation player for GTA V models (Team)
0000544: [General] PS4/Orbis Support for Grand Theft Auto V (Team)
       0000550: [Tools - Audio Player] Implement support for PS4 Audio files (Team)
       0000549: [Tools - NavMesh Viewer] Implement support for PS4 NavMesh (Team)
       0000548: [Tools - Collision viewer] Implement support for PS4 Collision resoures (Team)
       0000547: [Tools - Models viewer (general)] Implement support for PS4 Model resoures (Team)
       0000546: [Tools - Texture editor] Implement support for PS4 Texture resources (Team)
       0000545: [General] Implement support for PS4/Orbis Encryption (Team)
0000543: [openFormats] Implement openFormats GTA V vehicle recording YVR (Team)
0000514: [General] All xm_* objects are hash-only (Team)
0000540: [General] Add and rearrange items in main window context and "Edit" menus (Team)
0000539: [Tools - Models viewer (general)] Add context menu to list items in model viewers (Team)
0000538: [Package Installer] Drag-n-drop .OIV Package file into OpenIV main window to open Package Installer (Team)
0000537: [Tools - Text Editor] While in search box pressing Enter key should work as find next (Team)
0000536: [Tools - Animation viewer] Unable to move free camera in cutscenes player while camcorder overlay is shown (Team)
0000534: [Tools - Texture editor] Add search/filter box into Texture Editor user interface (Team)
0000535: [Tools - Texture editor] Add context menu to elements in Texture Editor (Team)
0000532: [Archive editing] OpenIV can't open folder within a folder when it was moved with drag-n-drop in File Explorer to the game folder (Team)
0000531: [openFormats] Add support for new shaders in openFormats for models [GTA V, PC, x64] (Team)
0000529: [Tools - Audio Player] Add ability to export multichannel audio as stereo or mono WAV (Team)
0000528: [General] Add option to control multichannel audio playback (Team)
0000527: [Tools - Audio Player] Some audios mistakenly presented as multichannel (GTA IV) (Team)
0000352: [Tools - Audio Player] Exported multichannel audio files might have incorrect channels order (Team)
0000526: [Tools - Animation viewer] Objects and peds are not synced in GTA IV cutscenes player (Team)
0000525: [General] Improve support of .GXT files (Max Payne 3) (Team)
0000463: [Tools - Animation viewer] OpenIV is unable to play GTA IV cutscenes when audio file is missing (Team)
0000519: [Tools - Models viewer (general)] Add option to change color of Edged Faces in model viewers (Team)
0000520: [Tools - Models viewer (general)] Edged faces (wireframe) renders incorrectly for GTA V ped models with cloth geometries. (Team)
0000511: [General] Sometimes ASI Manager comes up blank (Team)
0000515: [General] OpenIV might crash while importing some DDS files (Team)
0000516: [openFormats] OpenIV crashes while importing partial carcols.ymt from META/XML (Team)
0000517: [General] Add option to start OpenIV with location from the last session (GooD-NTS)
0000518: [openFormats] Improve import process of .oxt files (GTAV) (GooD-NTS)
0000501: [General] Add option to display confirmation dialog on exit (GooD-NTS)
0000499: [General] Add ability to close folders which was opened through "File > Open folder..." menu (GooD-NTS)
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