Today we glad to release a new version of OpenIV. This version contains not much changes like other three releases, but they are important for future of OpenIV. Here is major changes since 0.9.3 version:

  • Improved setup program
  • Improved all 3D Viewers in OpenIV (WDR/WDD/WBN/WBD/WFT/WPFL)
  • Improved openFormats for WDR/WDD models
  • Improved work with IMG & RPF archives
  • Fixed some minor and major errors

As always you can find full list of changes on this page.

Download OpenIV 0.9.4 (motion-1) 

Important note:

We are change the OpenIV release scheme. In last years we makes “big” releases witch contains many changes and improvements. From now we will make many small release in one milestone. We hope they will be more regular.

Today we starts “0.9.4 Motion milestone”.