OpenIV 0.9.3

Four month ago we are released OpenIV 0.9.2 and new era begins in Grand Theft Auto IV modding. It is through OpenIV 0.9.2 peds and characters mods came for GTA IV & EfLC. Also a lot of great videos with new different characters from others games and worlds came to GTA IV/ EfLC.

And today we glad to release OpenIV 0.9.3. This version has many different fixes and improvements. Full list of changes in OpenIV available on our bug tracker. Due to the changes in 0.9.3 all modders in while world will have new features for models (WDR & WDD files) editing. Also OpenIV 0.9.3 have improved stability and performance.

To download OpenIV 0.9.3 click on orange tab in top of the page.

Installation notes for OpenIV (in English only) available here:

Installation Notes for OpenIV: *. docx version | *.pdf version

Additional languages will add later.

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