Okay, I’m don’t post anything news long time, need to change it:

1 – I’m Finally update WordPress on this blog to lasted version, but I sure you no interested this.

2 – Today I have stop to accept new beta testers for OpenIV. Maybe I have open accepting later, if is needed in future. If anyone send message to me, and I don’t have added you to beta test, please resend you message, maybe I have skip this.

3 – Now I have personal twitter, is anyone is interesting then follow me @goodnts.  Maybe there I will be posted some about OpenIV and .black.

4 – New category «.black» is added to blog, this for post about .black project.

And no any news yet, .black and OpenIV is developing but unfortunately not so fast.

And lasted. Today I have found some old funny video on my ftp. This video I have made in 20 April 2009 do get begin work on GTA IV map viewer/ editor.


You still can download this: Liberty_Eye.mp4