Today we are happy to announce the release of OpenIV 4.0, first version with Red Dead Redemption 2 support. Please, take a look:

Red Dead Redemption 2

With OpenIV 4.0 we introducing very basic level of support for Red Dead Redemption 2. First of all, currently, there is no editing capabilities. With OpenIV 4.0 you will not be able to edit any RDR 2 files.

Since this is our first release with Red Dead Redemption 2 support, available features also very limited. With OpenIV 4.0 you can:

  • Open and view RDR 2 RPF archives. (Not all file names are available, see below)
  • Open and view RDR 2 Textures (.ytd)
  • Open and view RDR 2 META/PSO files (.ymt, .ymf, .yas, .ych, .ymap .ytyp)
  • Open and listen to RDR 2 Audio files (.awc)
  • Open and view RDR 2 Language files (.yldb)

Support for Red Dead Redemption 2 will be expanded in the future versions.

RDR 2 RPF Archives support

Few things you need to know:

  • New RPF8 archives does not have names for their entries, only hashes;
  • It is possible to harvest file names from the game itself. Just like GTA V, RDR 2 has many META, XML and PSO files that contain names of the files and archives. We already have some archives where all the file names are known.
  • Currently OpenIV 4.0 has a very limited database of the file names, we are hoping to grow list of the known names with every new update in the future.

RDR 2 META/PSO support

Unlike GTA V, with RDR 2 we are using different approach for supporting PSO files. Currently you are able to open and view all PSO files in XML form. However, for the most of those files many names and strings are missing. The format of the resulted XML is also not finished yet, so the game will not be able to load those files in the XML form as you can do with some files in the GTA V.

There is a lot of data in the PSO files that needs to be analyzed, many file names can be mined from them. We will do this in the future updates. For now, it is just basic support for you to research.

In the future releases we are going to merge our GTA V and RDR 2 PSO code so it will be possible to view all the files in GTA V and provide editing capabilities for RDR 2 PSO files.

General changes, improvements, and fixes in OpenIV 4.0

We added new option into OpenIV settings to skip “Select game and platform dialog”:

You can find change log for this version on our bug-tracker here.

UI Localization

We have an instruction how to translate OpenIV into your own language and we are calling for you to do so. You can find the localization guide on GitHub. As for existing localizations, here is the list of differences between 3.2 and 4.0.

Special thanks to our supporters

We want to say thank you to all our supporters on Patreon and other platforms.

This release is supported by:

  • Jay S.
  • KeGaming
  • And many others…

Thank you.

To learn more visit our Patreon page at


If you already have OpenIV, it will ask you for update next time you run it. If you still do not have OpenIV, use the link below to download it right now.