OpenIV 0.8 (build 157)

First public beta

To download OpenIV click the Download button.


OpenIV 0.8 Features:

  • Viewing of GTA IV files via function “Open Content
  • Full support of the RPF2 format. You can add, delete or replace any files
  • Viewing and extacting data from RPF3 archives (file names are normal)
  • Full support of the IMG3 format. You can add, delete or replace any files
  • Textures replacing in any *.WTD and *.WHM files. The current version supports only PNG images and replacing files with the ones with same resolution. (For example, a texture 512х512 might be replaced only with another 512х512 one)
  • In-built SCO scripts decompiler (Currently is very bugged)
  • Ability to preview most of the GTA IV file formats
  • Ability to extend program features with external tools
  • Ability to extract resource (RSC) files either in original compressed or decompressed state via function “Save content”. For example this function allows to save all textures from a *.WTD file without opening it.
  • Any file could be viewed as raw byte data via “View in Hex” function

Additional information:

  • During first program launch you will need to set the correct path to the GTAIV.exe
  • Don’t forget this version is beta so it may be bugged or not function properly. Please, report any bugs in our blog
  • If you want to post a link on OpenIV on your site or forum use this one ( It always links the latest available version. You may also use this link ( on the page with major information about latest version of OpenIV.

Happy New Year!