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My .black project

History of .black – RAGE research project

Author: GooD-NTS
Nizhniy Novgorod, 2010

I started my .black project in May, 2008 when GTA IV’d been just released on xbox360. Right now I don’t remember why I’ve started it, maybe I just want to see how the Rockstar Games use the new engine.


It all started from a small program called OpenRPF, what I’ve made for opening RPF archives. It wasn’t functional enough because it could only open archives directly, not to decrypt anything (at that time I didn’t know about RAGE encryption). During the first days of May I was trying to find out, how the encryption is used in RAGE and how I could decrypt it. As this time I found one great man. His nickname was Listener. I am sure, you all know who it is. I began to ask him different questions about encryption but he refused to give me any information because it was confidential and offered me to find it by myself in assembler codes of GTA IV. He gave me the link to IDA and necessary plugins for it, and gave some pieces of advice.

Next week after that I was searching for it, I’ve never seen PPC ASM before, so it was hard. The whole week I was questioning Listener, and after a week I have done it. So I understood everything I wanted about RAGE encryption and got an ability to continue my work with archives. Also I have joined to Listener and small closed community (on sannybuilder.com) who’ve started the GTA IV research.

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September 11th, 2010Some news

Okay, I’m don’t post anything news long time, need to change it:

1 – I’m Finally update WordPress on this blog to lasted version, but I sure you no interested this.

2 – Today I have stop to accept new beta testers for OpenIV. Maybe I have open accepting later, if is needed in future. If anyone send message to me, and I don’t have added you to beta test, please resend you message, maybe I have skip this.

3 – Now I have personal twitter, is anyone is interesting then follow me @goodnts.  Maybe there I will be posted some about OpenIV and .black.

4 – New category «.black» is added to blog, this for post about .black project.

And no any news yet, .black and OpenIV is developing but unfortunately not so fast.

And lasted. Today I have found some old funny video on my ftp. This video I have made in 20 April 2009 do get begin work on GTA IV map viewer/ editor.


You still can download this: Liberty_Eye.mp4

November 15th, 2008New domain

Today our blog finally moved to new short domain (http://OpenIV.com). The old domain now redirects to new, and rss feeds with old address will not work now. Please update the url in your rss-reader to always know the latest news OpenIV.

Messages in Russian: https://openiv.com/?cat=4
Messages in English: https://openiv.com/?cat=3

Russian RSS: https://openiv.com/?feed=rss2&cat=4
English RSS: https://openiv.com/?feed=rss2&cat=3

August 31st, 2008New category: Video

Today in blog, opening new category “Video“. In this category will soon published various video from OpenIV and Grand Theft Auto IV.

So I’ve started this blog in two languages at one time.

If you want to see only posts in English, use this link: http://openiv.sannybuilder.com/?cat=3 and this one for RSS: http://openiv.sannybuilder.com/?feed=rss2&cat=3. If you are a russian-speaking user, try this: http://openiv.sannybuilder.com/?cat=4 and this one for RSS: http://openiv.sannybuilder.com/?feed=rss2&cat=4

Так как этот блог ведется сразу на двух языках, для вашего удобства была сделана возможность читать сообщения только на интересующем вас языке.

Сообщения на русском: http://openiv.sannybuilder.com/?cat=4
Сообщения на английском: http://openiv.sannybuilder.com/?cat=3

Русский RSS блога: http://openiv.sannybuilder.com/?feed=rss2&cat=4
Английский RSS блога: http://openiv.sannybuilder.com/?feed=rss2&cat=3

With this message im starting publishing some info about the development of OpenIV toolkit .

In this blog u will see many screenshots and information about my OpenIV .

Also sometimes I’ll publish here some resources from GTA IV what i’ve extracted with my tool .
And one more thing – don’t forget add this blogs RSS in your feed reared.

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