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August 22nd, 2012OpenIV needs you support!

OpenIV needs you support!

OpenIV It is the biggest and ambitious project we’ve ever made. And we enjoy it. We like that fact OpenIV have run more than 7 thousands of times every day. We really enjoy developing OpenIV and seeing how GTA IV modding is become better and better every day. But now we really need your support. If you want to see new cool features for GTA IV modding, if you want to see Max Payne 3 modding alive, now it is time to support OpenIV.

After OpenIV 1.0 with Max Payne 3 supports was released, some people have a question, why OpenIV is not supported consoles version, but in .black they are open fine. In this message I want to explain this situation.

So, historically Rockstar release their games on consoles before PC, and some games are released only on consoles (Red Dead Redemption, for example). But we need to know about changes was made in RAGE, so we need to research it too. Because of it we were able to release Max Payne 3 support so fast. But we never had point to make public tools for console versions. Here we have some reason for it: Read the rest of this entry »

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Donwload OpenIV 1.0

Today is a great day in OpenIV‘s history.Today we are release OpenIV with support of two different game – Grand Theft Auto IV and Max Payne 3. We just start work with Max Payne 3, but now OpenIV 1.0 is the only tool outside of Rockstar studios which is not just to open game archive, but and allow you to view texture resources and collision bounds objects.

Besides Max Payne 3 support in OpenIV 1.0 we have made a lot of work to improve our openFormats for GTA IV. Also we are fixes many bugs and errors.

As always you can found change log here: https://openiv.com/bugs/changelog_page.php

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