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January 2nd, 2016OpenIV Documentation Wiki

Today we glad to announce new OpenIV Documentation Wiki.


Currently this Wiki contain detailed description of OIV Packages, both version, 1.1 and 2.0. With time, we will add openFormats documentation in this wiki. In addition, we will add detailed description about how to translate OpenIV into your language.
Since this is a Wiki, you also can contribute and improve it content, and even if you want, you can make a translation into your own language.


We are working hard last months to bring new experience to OpenIV. Meet Continuous Navigation.

What does Continuous Navigation means? As you can see at video above now you can navigate through archives continuously just like regular folders. This new experience allows you to navigate faster through archives and inner archives which presented in large quantities in GTA V. New Continuous Navigation works for all games which currently supported in OpenIV.

But this is not just about navigation, this is one of the biggest changes in OpenIV, we have redone all of our archive code, which mostly originally was written six years ago. Now we have new clean and modern code which allows us to introducing new features in OpenIV like as actually Continuous Navigation and editing possibility for GTA V archives, you even will be able to edit archives inside other archives. Also all work with archives will be more stable in all supported games.

Currently we are work to integrate new archives code into all OpenIV tools and components; also we need to make many tests on new code. As soon as all it will be done we release OpenIV 2.1 with Continuous Navigation.

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