The third release in “0.9.4 Motion milestone”
0000107: [openFormats] Improve OpenIV Resource sub-system and fix grmModel data. (GooD-NTS)
0000106: [Tools - NavMesh Viewer] Implement simple WNV NavMesh Viewer (Chipsman)
0000108: [Tools - Placement Search] Implement first version of Placement Search for GTA IV (Chipsman)
0000105: [Tools] Make texture name in model viewers as link to the file. (GooD-NTS)
0000104: [Tools - Texture editor] Improve "Automatically generate MipMap levels" feature. Implement saving user settings. (GooD-NTS)
0000097: [openFormats] Export single models from WPFL to openFormats ODR. (GooD-NTS)
0000100: [Tools] Show Vertex and Polygon count in WPFL Viewer (GooD-NTS)
0000103: [General] Improve "Global search" feature. Implement search in sounds banks (GooD-NTS)
0000102: [General] Add new command line param "search:value" for filtering file list. (GooD-NTS)
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