0000018: [Tools - Drawable Models Viewer] Sometimes WDR/WDD/WFT Viewer not working (GooD-NTS)
0000035: [General] OpenIV gives error and acts like it loads on start up (GooD-NTS)
0000034: [General] Sometimes breadcrumb navigation redirects to wrong places (GooD-NTS)
0000033: [Tools - Texture editor] Make ability to select texture format (compression) before import. (GooD-NTS)
0000032: [Tools - Texture editor] Implement Drag-And-Drop to communicate with Windows Explorer (GooD-NTS)
0000021: [openFormats] Implement openFormats for models (WDR->ODR and WDD->ODD) (GooD-NTS)
0000029: [Tools - Texture editor] Texture editor faild with "Access violation" error while saving after adding 165+ images (GooD-NTS)
0000026: [General] Error: "no disk" (GooD-NTS)
0000023: [General] Implement associations with RPF and IMG archives (GooD-NTS)
0000024: [Tools - Common file viewer] Implement WPL file viewer (Chipsman)
0000020: [Tools - Audio Player] Audio player failed when try to save all sounds. (GooD-NTS)
0000013: [User interface] Forward and back buttons. (GooD-NTS)
0000017: [Archive editing] Message "List index out of bound", after "alt + left" pressed (GooD-NTS)
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