Released 2017-10-01
0000481: [User interface] Status bar does not updates when items are added or removed (GooD-NTS)
0000465: [Archive editing] Add option to "Display delete confirmation dialog" for all files (GooD-NTS)
0000494: [General] Some features doesn't work properly if selected game directory is Junction or Symbolic link (GooD-NTS)
0000490: [User interface] Edit mode button become disabled after specific scenario (GooD-NTS)
0000474: [Archive editing] When using Windows Recycle Bin for real files add option to remove files permanently (Shift + Delete) (GooD-NTS)
0000459: [Tools - Script decompiler] There may be a bug in the High Level SCO Viewer for Open IV (GooD-NTS)
0000450: [User interface] Wrong file group double-click behavior (GooD-NTS)
0000485: [Tools] Implement support for vfxvehicleinfo.ymt (GooD-NTS)
0000475: [Archive editing] Add hotkey for creating new archive in the current folder (Ctrl + N) (GooD-NTS)
0000480: [User interface] Unnecessary edit mode warning while creating new archive in edit mode (GooD-NTS)
0000486: [User interface] Unable to use keyboard arrow keys to navigate through shaders information in models viewer (GooD-NTS)
0000473: [OpenIV Core] [FATAL] Unable to initialize Windows DirectX subsystem. (GooD-NTS)
0000467: [User interface] Unable to use context menu on Back/Forward buttons when history list contain many items (GooD-NTS)
0000455: [Tools] Implement support for carvariations.ymt (GooD-NTS)
0000466: [General] Add new feature to open folder and load it same way as game content (GooD-NTS)
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