Released 2016-05-03
0000387: [openFormats] Implement openFormats for basic GTA V models (YDR <> ODR and YDD <> ODD) (Chipsman)
0000386: [Package Installer] More detailed error messages (GooD-NTS)
0000382: [Package Installer] Add logging support (GooD-NTS)
0000383: [Package Installer] Check existence of all files inside OIV package before installation (GooD-NTS)
0000384: [Package Installer] Add commands for archive defragmentation in second generation of OIV packages (GooD-NTS)
0000381: [Package Installer] Add commands for modifying XML files (GooD-NTS)
0000385: [Package Installer] Improve support for YouTube links in package description (GooD-NTS)
0000365: [Package Installer] OpenIV crashes with "Out of memory" error while installing some packages (GooD-NTS)
0000372: [Archive editing] For items in directory tree add new context commands for collapsing (GooD-NTS)
0000369: [General] Add option to clear search filter after new archive was opened (GooD-NTS)
0000380: [General] Allow user to set permissions to the game folder during initial configuration (GooD-NTS)
0000371: [General] Show notification when OpenIV is runned as Administrator (GooD-NTS)
0000358: [Tools] Rename "Rebuild" to "Defragment" to make clear what this feature do (GooD-NTS)
0000321: [General] Unable to open modified GTA V RPF archives through association from Windows File Explorer (GooD-NTS)
0000379: [General] Add "Copy name" and "Copy path" features for global search result (GooD-NTS)
0000370: [General] Add "Export content" feature for global search result (GooD-NTS)
0000373: [Tools] The default texture format option is not applying to save texture file dialog (GooD-NTS)
0000374: [openFormats] It is not possible to use .OXT format for .GXT2 files in xbox 360 and ps3 version (Grand Theft Auto V) (GooD-NTS)
0000375: [Tools - Placement Search] Sometimes OpenIV might crash when exiting a Placement Search while search in progress (GooD-NTS)
0000368: [General] Sometimes OpenIV is freezing while closing a .txt file opened in Notepad (GooD-NTS)
0000366: [Tools] Some tools are unable to open due to 'Unable to find valid depth format' error. (GooD-NTS)
0000350: [Tools - Drawable Models Viewer] For some models viewer has incorrect initial camera position (GooD-NTS)
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