0000153: [openFormats] Implement ONV/WNV formats for GTA IV NavMesh files (Chipsman)
0000152: [Tools - NavMesh Viewer] Implement new NavMesh viewer for GTA IV and Max Payne 3 (Chipsman)
0000154: [Tools - Placement Search] Improve "Placement search" (GooD-NTS)
0000151: [Tools] Allow to open external files in OpenIV tools. (GooD-NTS)
0000147: [Tools - Placement Search] placement search in objects context menu (GooD-NTS)
0000150: [User interface] Add "Import openFormats" button to main window toolbar. (GooD-NTS)
0000149: [Tools - Audio Player] Make new Audio Player more stable and bug-less. (GooD-NTS)
0000148: [Archive editing - RPF] Ability to edit and create RPF4 archives. (GooD-NTS)
0000146: [openFormats] wrong family group given in opl cars section (Chipsman)
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