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0000771OpenIVTools - Models viewer (general)public2021-02-01 16:11
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PlatformWindowsOS10 (64-bit, 32-bit)OS Version10.0
Product Version4.0.1 
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Summary0000771: Alternative textures in Model Viewer is not assign properly
DescriptionThere's a trouble with OpenIV Model Viewer. When I'm trying to load different textures it only loads XXX_a_uni.ytd which is default for a model. Everything else like XXX_b_uni.ytd makes model be printed orange means can't load textures. Tried different ways to fix it with no results.
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GameGrand Theft Auto V



2021-01-30 10:07


Screenshot-68.png (102,889 bytes)
Screenshot-68.png (102,889 bytes)


2021-01-31 19:14

developer   ~0000634

OpenIV only uses textures if the names are matched in shaders

textures.png (387,188 bytes)


2021-02-01 16:11

reporter   ~0000636

Is that mean I can't use different textures no matter if it really belongs to this model?
Basically the structure: uppr_diff_[model]_[texture]_uni.ytd
For instance the model jbib_000_u.ydd have textures:
jbib_diff_000_d_uni.ytd and etc..

Tried to apply them with no results. DiffuseSampler shows value jbib_diff_000_a_uni [external] only. So there's no way to apply b, c, d and others textures?

Screenshot_86.png (120,764 bytes)
Screenshot_86.png (120,764 bytes)

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