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0000748OpenIVDocspublic2020-08-25 10:25
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Summary0000748: Is there any source code or documentation available for the RPF format
DescriptionI would like to extract the GTA V game files on Linux, as I am curious but do not have an installation of Windows. However, you refuse to support this: For this reason, I would like to try to write a program to extract the files myself. Do you have any documentation of the format or source code available which may be able to help with this task?
Steps To Reproduce1. Look all over the website for source code or documentation into the inner workings of the format.

2. Find out that it doesn't exist and the developers won't support your platform :( .
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2020-08-25 10:25

reporter   ~0000610 there no option to delete an issue or edit the title? I accidentally posted while trying to edit the title without having finished editing.

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