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0000580OpenIVOpenIV Corepublic2020-08-25 09:38
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PlatformLinuxOSLinux MintOS Version4.13.0-45-generi
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Summary0000580: No native Linux support, works poorly using Wine
DescriptionHello! So the issue is, OpenIV works very poorly on Linux when using Wine and there is no native version. I think it would be a very interesting feature. GTA:V works pretty good under Wine, so that's not a stupid request. I tried using it on Wine, and it's not that bad. The main issue I spotted: not working previews at all, they're crashing the app, it is also pretty slow while launching but that isn't so bad. If there is some way I can help you achieving native Linux version - please let me know, I'd really appreciate that. I'm working on big project that uses GTA:V textures right now, and switching to Windows every time I want to export some more isn't fun. Thank you, and regards - Peter
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GameGrand Theft Auto V



2018-08-12 15:58

developer   ~0000408

No plans for supporting Linux.

OpenIV is a Windows application that rely on windows-exclusive API like Direct3D.
We don't see any reason to spent infinet amount of time to support platform that no one in our team is uses and all PC games that we support is targining for Windows.

The fact that you was able to run OpenIV under Wine is very surprising.

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