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0000658OpenIVGeneralpublic2019-07-24 20:06
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Summary0000658: Adding options in the [Copy to "mods" folder] drop down menu also for "x64" and "update" folders.
DescriptionAdding options in the [Copy to "mods" folder] drop down menu also for "x64" and "update" folders.

Adding this option will allow you to create copies of original files faster in these locations and to securely edit them later.

Sometimes, when you install the .OIV modification, you do not get all copies of files and folders. When later we want to use or edit a new file or folder by modification, we need to manually create new folders and the location and send the original files for editing.

If it will be available and will work as you have with archives like x64a.rpf etc. it will help / speed up and simplify a lot.
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GameGrand Theft Auto V



2019-07-23 03:02


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2019-07-24 20:06

developer   ~0000495

The idea of "mods" folder is that you no need to copy all archives into it, only the ones you are going to edit. You no need to copy whole "update" folder just in case. While OIV Package installation all affected RPF archives will be copyed into mods folder if they are not already there. You no need to create any folder or archives in the "mods" folder manually, just use "Copy to mods folder" function in the exact place where you want to edit files.

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