Released 2020-06-20
0000724: [Archive editing] Everytime I click on certain .yft files OpenIV crashes (Team)
0000718: [General] Improve Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition support (Team)
0000729: [Tools] Unable to start Grand Theft Auto V (Epic Games Store Version) from OpenIV (Team)
0000715: [General] GTA IV: Complete will not launch from OPENIV (Team)
0000705: [Tools] Unable to start Red Dead Redemption 2 from OpenIV (Team)
0000723: [Archive editing - RPF] Removing all files from embedded archive does not affect it size in parent archive (Team)
0000710: [Tools - Texture editor] Texture export does not work for some textures in RDR 2 (Team)
0000708: [General] OpenIV should automatically reload user generated strings files if they were changed (Team)
0000711: [Tools - Audio Player] OpenIV crashes with "EOutOfMemory: Out of memory" error whilte opening some of the RDR 2 audio files (Team)
0000707: [Tools] Export to XML does not work for META/PSO resources in RDR 2 (Team)
0000709: [Setup tools] Implement changes to setup/update system to improve download speed for future versions (Team)
0000706: [Tools - Audio Player] Incorrect export of multichannel audio files in RDR 2 (Team)
0000704: [Tools] OpenIV might crash while opening textures or models on some systems (Team)
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