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0000858OpenIVopenFormatspublic2022-08-27 22:52
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PlatformWindowsOS8.1 (64-bit, 32-bit)OS Version6.3
Product Version4.1 
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Summary0000858: Getting (NA4D53FD6) error for mass converted models from GTA IV to V
DescriptionIf I try to export to open format any ydr or ydd file converted from GTA IV using "GTA IV to V Mass Converter", it is working, but if I try to import them in 3DS Max using Gims, or if I try to import the open format back in OpenIV, I get this error "Vertex declaration (NA4D53FD6) is not supported by shader (default.sps)". The only way I can fix that is if I import and export ydr and ydd files in Zmodeler 3. For about 10% of the models, I have to change a few shaders and put gta v shaders, but for 90% of them, it has no error in zmodeler, I just have to import and export them, then the error will be gone for the exported models. It's annoying to do that every time I have to edit a model, or when I have to change an embeded texture, so I hope you can fix the how zmodeler does.
Steps To ReproduceUse any ydr or ydd files from liberty city map mod for gta v (like the ydd file I attached), export the ydr/ydd file to open format, then import it back.
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GameGrand Theft Auto V



2022-08-26 22:33


Screenshot (7726).png (150,780 bytes)
Screenshot (7726).png (150,780 bytes)
l_lod_crane_mh1.ydd (181,140 bytes)

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