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0000740OpenIVTools - Models viewer (general)public2020-07-21 12:00
ReporterDreadnStevieAssigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformWindowsOS10 (64-bit, 32-bit)OS Version10.0
Product Version4.0.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000740: I can only open 1 .yft before I carash
Descriptionconsistently since 4.0 I have only been able to open 1 .yft file in openiv. If/when I try open another I will receive multiple popups (included is one of them), and openiv will crash. I had hoped that with the fix of issue id 0000724 that this would be fixed but it wasn't.
Steps To ReproduceOpen openiv
select a .yft and open it
go to open another .yft or the same .yft at any point without restarting openiv

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GameGrand Theft Auto V


has duplicate 0000742 closed I can only open 1 .yft before I carash 



2020-07-09 12:38


wWsc5lt.png (147,944 bytes)
wWsc5lt.png (147,944 bytes)


2020-07-14 22:01

developer   ~0000599

Looks like an issue with video card drivers. In general this might be caused by different reasons:
- Video card drivers
- Tunning, capturing or overlay tools
- Inadequate antivirus software


2020-07-20 08:18

reporter   ~0000605

- Has been happening for a while through multiple graphics drivers so I feel like if it was that it would have resolved by now
- the only capture program I use is shadowplay, and would be surprised if that caused it
- Antivirus software has been completely disabled and still happening


2020-07-20 11:34

developer   ~0000606

Few questions:
1) What video card you have?
2) What video card drivers version you have?
3) Does this error affect all the other viewers (ytd, ydr, etc) or just yft?
4) Does this affect all models or modded one?
5) How other DirectX based tools (ASI Manger, Package Installer, etc) works?


2020-07-21 11:57

reporter   ~0000607

1) 2080 strix
2) GeForce Game Ready Driver Version 451.67 (version in device manager)
3) just yft
4) all
5) all seem to be working just fine


2020-07-21 12:00

reporter   ~0000608


turned on my pc while replying and it seems the latest openiv update fixed it. It seemed fixed last update as well, but then started happening again the next day so will check it over the next couple days but it may be fixed now.

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