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0000687OpenIVUser interfacepublic2020-02-08 00:22
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PlatformWindowsOS10 (64-bit, 32-bit)OS Version10.0
Product Version3.2 
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Summary0000687: Application flashing and locking for a few seconds.

When i run OpenIV i have this problem that happens every few minutes, basically the title bar starts to flash and then i cant click anything in the application while it happens.

If i have Codewalker open also it casues that to start flashing blue (if i dont have OpenIV running then Codewalker runs fine with no issues.)

Steps To ReproduceRunning the application

(i dont have to do anything for it to happen, it just always happens every minute or so)
Additional InformationNot sure if its a hardware compatability issue so heres my specs -
ASUSTeK Prime x570-P
AMD ryzen 3700x
Corsair DDR4 3200 16Gb x 2
RTX 2070 Super
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GameGrand Theft Auto IV/EfLC



2020-02-08 00:22


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