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0000611OpenIVArchive editing - RPFpublic2018-12-29 19:43
ReporterRGerrardAssigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformWindowsOS10 (64-bit, 32-bit)OS Version10.0
Product Version3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000611: Unable to open vehicles.rpf
DescriptionI am using the Modding DLC Pack V to manage all of my GTA V mods. When trying to add new vehicles inside of my vehicles.rpf folder I receive the following error:

"Unable to open archive: Archive is corrupted.
RPF_INVALID_ENTRY_3: Invaclid archive entry size

D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x65\dlcpacks\MODDING\dlc.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf"

The archive then fails to open, meaning access to the folder is not currently possible. GTA is fully functional. the addon vehicles inside that folder all spawn correctly but I am still unable to access the folder.
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GameGrand Theft Auto V



2018-12-29 18:59

reporter   ~0000459

Just an amendment to the file location:

D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\MODDING\dlc.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf"


2018-12-29 19:43

developer   ~0000462

There was an critical issue in the original 3.1 release (build 1030), it was (hopefully) fixed in the maintenance update (build 1031). But if you already have corrupted data it will not fix it, sorry but in that case you need to redone stuff.
Make sure you have the latest version, currently - build 1031.

This error:
RPF_INVALID_ENTRY_3: Invaclid archive entry size
Means that one item in the archive is extends outside of archives size. The game might ignore this error or just it dont load this file.

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