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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000484 [OpenIV]
Setup tools
crashnew2017-08-14Setup either crashes or gets corrupted.
Archive editing - RPF
minornew2017-08-07Update.rpf for PS3 gets corrupted after editing with OpenIV
  0000483 [OpenIV]
Archive editing
minornew2017-08-07Extracting csc files isn't right / doesn't properly decrypt them or something
  0000482 [OpenIV]
User interface
minornew2017-07-05Повторное открытие
  0000481 [OpenIV]
User interface
minornew2017-07-05Счетчик элементов
  0000480 [OpenIV]
User interface
minornew2017-07-05Повторное предупреждение о режиме редактирования
  0000479 [OpenIV]
OpenIV Core
minornew2017-06-28Проблема с экспортом какой-либо модели в формате .yft: Вместо формата .oft экспортируется .skel
  0000478 [OpenIV]
Tools - Texture editor
blocknew2017-06-10Зависает при импорте текстуры
  0000303 [OpenIV]
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-06-07Implement support for new encryption algorithms.
User interface - languages
blocknew2017-05-26arabic problem
blocknew2017-05-25OIV dont work after installation - don't even launch himself
  0000475 [OpenIV]
Archive editing
featureassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-05-13Add hotkey for creating new archive in the current folder (Ctrl + Shift + N)
Archive editing
featureassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-05-13When using Windows Recycle Bin for real files add option to remove files permanently (Shift + Delete)
  0000473 [OpenIV]
OpenIV Core
blockassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-05-10[FATAL] Unable to initialize Windows DirectX subsystem.
Tools - Animation viewer
minornew2017-05-08Ошибка после завершения катсцены
Tools - Texture editor
blocknew2017-04-30gta eflc tbogt logo doesn't changed
Tools - Animation viewer
blockacknowledged (GooD-NTS)2017-04-30cut scenes viewer proplem
Archive editing - RPF
majorfeedback2017-04-30Created RPF's in new version become corrupt
  0000467 [OpenIV]
User interface
blockassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-04-27Unable to use context menu on Back/Forward buttons when history list contain many items
  0000466 [OpenIV]
featureassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-04-27Add new feature to open folder and load it same way as game content
  0000465 [OpenIV]
Archive editing
featureassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-04-27Add option to "Display delete confirmation dialog" for all files
Tools - Audio Player
minornew2017-04-25Многоканальные звуки
  0000462 [OpenIV]
Tools - Audio Player
majornew2017-04-25Звуковые проблемы
Archive editing - RPF
minorfeedback2017-04-24Open IV isn't reading the mods folder
  0000459 [OpenIV]
Tools - Script decompiler
minornew2017-04-22There may be a bug in the High Level SCO Viewer for Open IV
  0000457 [OpenIV]
featurenew2017-04-13Desktop notifications feature for the site
minornew2017-04-12Процесс не завершается
User interface
minornew2017-04-12Change the language and the theme of the interface.
  0000430 [OpenIV]
Package Installer
featureassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-04-03Add the ability to use XML Commands with PSO files (YMT/YMF/etc) [GTA V]
  0000413 [OpenIV]
featureassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-04-03Implement Embedded Texture Editor for textures inside model files
  0000455 [OpenIV]
featureassigned (GooD-NTS)2017-04-03Implement support for carvariations.ymt
  0000450 [OpenIV]
User interface
minornew2017-03-26Wrong file group double-click behavior
  0000305 [OpenIV]
User interface - languages
trivialresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-03-25Translate link from OpenIV not work
  0000444 [OpenIV]
Archive editing
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-03-01Improve "mods" folder experience
  0000443 [OpenIV]
Package Installer
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-02-25Improve "mods" folder support
  0000418 [OpenIV]
Tools - Drawable Models Viewer
minorresolved (Chipsman)2017-02-18Vertex/Polycount should be recalculated when you click "Check all" and "Uncheck all" buttons in the Multiple rendering mode
  0000412 [OpenIV]
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-02-18Implement brand new inbuilt text viewer and editor (for data and xml files)
  0000441 [OpenIV]
majorresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-02-18Global search doesn't work properly when there's a Model Viewer window minimized
  0000440 [OpenIV]
minorresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-02-17OpenIV doesn't work properly if selected game directory is Junction or Symbolic link
  0000437 [OpenIV]
minorresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-02-01Unable to remove GXT file if it was opened
  0000432 [OpenIV]
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2017-01-25Improve openFormats for collisions (.OBN/.YBN | .OBD/.YBD) [GTA V, PC, x64]
  0000434 [OpenIV]
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-12-25Add support for new shaders in openFormats for models [GTA V, PC, x64]
  0000426 [OpenIV]
majorresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-12-25OpenIV unable to import some models right after export [GTA V, PC, x64]
  0000436 [OpenIV]
Tools - Collision viewer
minorresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-12-22Improve collision rendering for Grand Theft Auto V
  0000429 [OpenIV]
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-12-20Add "ignore mods folder" and "search only in mods folder" options into the search tool (Grand Theft Auto V)
  0000428 [OpenIV]
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-11-02Use the backspace key to return to the previous directory, just like in the Windows explorer
  0000427 [OpenIV]
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-11-02Additional search actions on main window
  0000425 [OpenIV]
Archive editing - RPF
minorresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-10-25RPF3: Files always shown as Audio after adding
  0000407 [OpenIV]
OpenIV Core
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-10-18Implement support for GTA V - PSO file format (PC [x64])
  0000411 [OpenIV]
featureresolved (GooD-NTS)2016-10-16Implement support for .ymap files
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