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0000506OpenIVGeneralpublic2017-12-21 08:022017-12-30 21:51
Windows7 (64-bit, 32-bit)6.1
Grand Theft Auto V
0000506: Game crashes when OpenIV.ASI installed and Simple Chinese language selected
Hi dear OpenIV team:
I'm Yoha, a Modder from China. :)
R* published latest DLC for gta5, as we know.And they also bring Simple Chinese language to our Chinese player, which is very great.
But unfortunate,If we choose simple chinese in steam, and then install OpenIV.asi, game will crash at the start screen, which is loading ploce stars.

Me and my friend tried many time, and found if we change the language to other, like tradition language, then openiv.asi can be installed and no errors from game.

This crash only happened when we choose simple chinese language.

Can you help to check and make a hotfix or update for this issue?
Many Thanks!
Big Regards
I tried install asiloader and opencamera under simple chinese language, and game is ok.
But when I tried install openiv.asi, then game crashed.
My game is steam version,gta5.exe is 1.0.1290.1, gta5lanucher.exe is 1.0.1290.2
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2017-12-21 16:02   
Do you use "mods" folder?
2017-12-22 12:27   
Hi GooD-NTS:
Yes, I do use mods folder.
I've copied update.rpf to mods folder, and edited dlclist.xml in this "new" update.rpf. well, it doesn't work when I set language to simple chinese in steam.

But when I set language back to tradition chinese or english, then game can run.

Well, actually, even I don't use mods folder, emm, more specific, even I don't edit any original game file, just install openiv.asi into game folder, then run game, game crashed.
2017-12-25 11:23   
(edited on: 2017-12-25 11:24)
Same problem here~
Simplified Chinese is newly added with 1290 update, and asiloader only crash the game with this specific language