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Today we are proud to announce a new release of OpenIV is available for download. OpenIV 2.6.3 contains several new features and improvements. ASI Manager New tool named “ASI Manager” allows you to easily install or uninstall ASI loader and our plugins for GTAV. OpenIV.ASI 1.1 New version of OpenIV.ASI gives you ability to keep […]

March 25th, 2017OpenIV 2.9

We are happy to announce the release of OpenIV 2.9! This release includes new tools, map editing features for Grand Theft Auto V and numerous improvements and bug fixes in the different areas of OpenIV. Important note It was almost a year since last major OpenIV release, because of that, we decided to delay some […]

March 25th, 2017OpenIV 2.9

Мы рады сообщить вам о выпуске OpenIV 2.9! В этом выпуске представлены новые инструменты, функции редактирования файлов карты Grand Theft Auto V, а также множество других улучшений и исправлений в разных во всех областях OpenIV. Важное объявление Прошёл уже почти год с последнего крупного обновления OpenIV и поэтому мы решили отложить некоторые функции на будущие […]

OpenIV Team presents Liberty City in GTA V Today we are proud to announce the project we worked on since initial GTA V release. Liberty City is finally coming into GTA V in all its glory. We have a little teaser trailer for you: The Liberty City will not replace Los Santos or Blaine County, […]

You can download carcols.ymt converted into XML format here.

May 3rd, 2016OpenIV 2.8

Today, we are happy to announce the new release of OpenIV 2.8. This release focuses on openFormats, Package Installer and user interface improvements. As you can see in the video above, we are finally bringing support for basic GTA V models into openFormats. Soon, you will be able to edit and create YDR and YDD […]

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