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Today we are proud to announce a new release of OpenIV is available for download. OpenIV 2.6.3 contains several new features and improvements. ASI Manager New tool named “ASI Manager” allows you to easily install or uninstall ASI loader and our plugins for GTAV. OpenIV.ASI 1.1 New version of OpenIV.ASI gives you ability to keep […]

Exactly 7 years ago, Dec/28/2008, we released the first public beta version of OpenIV. Since then, we have been constantly working on it. Today, we are proud to announce a new version – OpenIV 2.7. In the three months, since the last release, we have added many improvements and enhancements. All new features can be […]

December 28th, 2015OpenIV 2.7 – 7 Лет

Ровно семь лет назад, 28 декабря 2008 года, мы выпустили первую публичную бета версию OpenIV. С тех пор мы постоянно развиваем OpenIV и сегодня рады сообщить о выходе новой версии: OpenIV 2.7. OpenIV 2.7 содержит множество изменений и улучшений, над которыми мы работали последние три месяца. Все изменения можно поделить на несколько основных групп: Развитие […]

Some time ago we have released an OpenIV with openFormats for Max Payne 3 models, and today we are glad to release the new version of GIMS Evo plugin for 3Ds Max which allow you to import and export Max Payne 3 models. Download GIMS Evo Here you can watch a simple tutorial video, which […]

Today we are proud to release openCamera ASI Plugin for Grand Theft Auto V. Like the one for GTA IV this small plugin is doing one little thing – removes “Free Camera” boundaries in Rockstar Editor. With openCamera installed, you will be able to move the camera far away from the player position and make […]

The last few weeks we had worked on one of the most required feature for PC version of GTA V. And now, we are proud to release OpenIV 2.6.4 with GTA V PC audio playback support. You are able to open any audio file or export it to .wav. Audio playback is a cool feature, […]

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