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Here is you can get archive with all GTA V common.rpf files, all extracted and ready to research.
You will find here all you need like handling.dat or gta5.meta. Btw, some of files just was copy from GTA IV and not used by GTA V.

http://openiv.com/public/data/v/common_rpf.zip ( 13.7 Mb )


Here is a long awaited release of OpenIV. Today we bring texture modding to Max Payne 3. You can use the full power of our Texture Editor or take advantage of openFormats for textures. Also for Max Payne 3, you can use OPL text format for editing map WPL files. As for GTA IV, we have done big improvements in Animation Viewer and you finally can use it to view EfLC cut-scenes. Besides viewer, new version of openFormats for GTA IV Animations will bring more usability for animation editing. In addition, we have made many changes in many OpenIV parts, as always you can see more detailed list here on bug-tracker.

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